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A Walk Between Two Mosques: Damascus, Syria

Damascus, the capital of Syria, located approximately 80km east of the Mediterranean… Hidden inside the walls of this old middle-eastern city are dense covered streets, a swell of small shops, tenuous side-streets interwoven like a spider’s web; this is what is known as the souk.

Just like a labyrinth where typical odours of the Orient abound: assorted spices, coffee, nougat, various essences, can be found the Damascus mosque also called Omeyades. How can one even fathom such an impressive structure, in this maze of narrow streets! Structures of Byzantine and Muslim architectural influences, which suddenly appear at the end of a tiny covered street. These mosques, which are a gathering, prayer as well as a friendly spot where families and children mingle, are simply timeless locations.
Will they manage to resist much longer to the upheavals of a society in crisis?

Geographical Notes: Syria is surrounded by Turkey to the north, Lebanon to the west, Iraq to the east and mainly Jordan to the south. Damascus, the Syrian capital, has an estimated population of 1,414,913.