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G20 Submit - Toronto, Canada

Saturday, June 26... the toughest day for the police forces whose main objective was to control the demonstrators and rioters at the G20 in Toronto.

A few black sheep decided to infiltrate a crowd of several thousand people peacefully demonstrating and claiming more justice, to violently affirm themselves. Broken glass, vandalism, police cars reduced to ashes, all acts that reminded us of the riots after the Metallica and Guns 'n Roses concert in 1992 at the Olympic Stadium.

Despite the pressure from the masses, the safety zone erected by the police forces was never conquered. One can recall the Americas Summit in Québec City in 2001 where the protestors had managed to knock down the railings that separated them from the protected zone.

Sunday, June 27... there are reports of many arrests, close to 900 actually, and among these, are even… some journalists!

Monday, June 28... seems that preoccupied mothers are not getting answers from the police forces on the whereabouts of their wrongly arrested children. The authorities, overwhelmed by the number of arrests, still have no idea...